Starch @ High-Proteins

Think for a second how many mistakes we make when it comes to eating. Do the Japanese make the same mistakes.

I don’t think so, if you have experience with Japanese kaiseki, the meals are carefully planned and food pairing is done exceptionally well. The rice is usually kept to the end of the meal, systematically, Japanese have figured out how to “eat right”, stay healthy and enjoy the fruits of mother nature.

There are numerous theories on food pairing, some I believe, while others I ignore. The simple rule is, no starchy foods with high-protein foods, because the alkaline salivary enzymes will mix with the acidic stomach enzymes in the stomach, hence curtailing digestion. This causes the starches to ferment and proteins to putrefy in the gut.

It is obvious that meat and potatoes is a “no-no”, pasta with meat sauce “no more”, hamburgers and hot dogs on buns, “junk food”, and rice with tofu does not digest easily.