Radioactive Banana

I argue with people all the time about their diets, most people think they eat healthy, when really they have no idea about food. So if you have no idea about food, how can you eat right.

The one fruit I stopped to eat is Banana, a banana equivalent dose is a unit of radiation exposure, defined as the additional dose a person will absorb from eating one banana.

Fruits are pre-digested by the ripening action of the sun and their enzymes. As such, they require little digestion in the body. Their nutrients need to be absorbed into the bloodstream within 60 minutes, otherwise, the sugars will warm up and ferment. The denser, bulkier fruits which have a bit of fat, such as bananas, require the longest detention time in the stomach, over an hour.

If you have a banana in your car for your lunch you aren’t going to set off a Geiger counter. If you carry a produce truck full of them, you might encounter some problems.

By the way, many smoothies are made with milk and banana, a combination known as one of the heaviest and toxin forming. It is said to create heaviness in the body and slow down the mind – skip the banana.


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