Nico Soya Donuts @ Tokyo

My friend is enjoying the fruits of Nordic crackers in Copenhagen, while we enjoy the best donuts of Tokyo. I am not a serious donut fan, so don’t get me wrong, most donuts are junk foods except Nico, and once you taste Nico’s Soya donuts, you cannot resist them – they are amazing!

What is interesting about Nico are the raw materials and the processes they use. Soya when processed creates okara (soy pulp), a pulp consisting of insoluble parts of the soybean, which remains after pureed soybeans are filtered in the production of soy milk. It’s this characteristic of soybean, in addition to high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and abundant dietary fiber that make this donut so healthy. Their paste is made by using the whole soya, without crushing the cells by a special manufacturing method. Then Millet is added to the mix and a donut is born.

In addition the many good qualities, other key components such as isoflavones and linolenic acid, and no bad cholesterol, are all known to mitigate and prevent lifestyle related diseases.

So not all friend things are bad and certainly not Nico!