Red Ants @ Siem Reap

Walking the old market in Siem Reap, not my first time, and not much has changed. I ask myself how can I help to sanitize the market, the processes, as I watch girls hunched over hacking the heads off fish. The hygiene is scarce and the techniques are brutal.

Last year the chef (German) of a five-star accompanied me to the market, and I challenged him to eat a black beetle. He laughed, peeled back the wings and gobbled it up as I almost gagged. I am not a bug eater, and this pile of ants is not something I dream. The dish of choice is beef with red ants fried or plain, the texture is definitely crunchy.

Oh, I do not eat insects under any conditions but in case you’re interested, they are a little sour at first bite.

IMG_8088 IMG_8083