Kenryo Shimano @ Angkor Wat

It started here in the 9th Century but from the year 1327 on, no further large temples were established in Angkor Wat. In the 17th century Japanese settlements at Angkor are said to be highlighted by Buddhism. The Khmer empire produced large numbers of temples and majestic monuments to celebrate the divine authority of Khmer kings.

A Japanese man, Kenryo Shimano, is the author of the oldest known Angkor Wat plan and he lived at Angkor for [4] years amongst the Khmer people at their abode surrounding the main temple. During his time at Angkor some time between 1632 and 1636 he drew a very detailed map of the temple. At the same time an inscription, a poem was in Japanese calligraphic characters is found on a pillar on the second floor of Angkor Wat dating back to 1632. He is said to be the author.

Pictured below is the poem.


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