World’s Best @ Olea Juice

I read the list of the World’s Best Olive Oils list and it’s missing Olea Juice, a premium olive oil made in Greece. Olea is certainly an olive oil you should try, and for the most obvious reason, the quality, taste and control over process.

The owner Mr. Frances deploys his secret weapon and micro manages each and every step from harvest to pressing, and down to the bottling. Mr. Frances doesn’t pre-bottle as most producers do, he maintains the oil under ideal conditions by using inert gases. When an order is made the juice gets bottled and the oil remains in a perfect temperature controlled.

Everyone claims to have the best olive oil, or the best dentist, and I claim that I am not a good chef. I adore olive oil and I have tasted hundreds of oils. I admit that olive oil is confusing for consumers, as oil is often purchased because of price, and or the bottle design. But what’s inside is what confuses most, an oil that is peppery or fruity or even bitter.

The question is why is one olive oil preferred over another. The answer boils down to perception and taste. When it comes to olive oil, certainly the type of olive is key to the style of the oil. The age of the trees, yields, situation and most importantly harvest management. See the New York Times Olive Times:

It becomes apparent that many European producers use oil from Greece and label it under their own brands. The reason is the quality in Greece is excellent. In fact, the EU permits a certain percentage of mixing and oil is therefore mixed.

There are so many myths about olive oil and when it comes to cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, you must not compromise in the taste and don’t be fooled by the bottle.

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