Quick Bread “wing it”

Bread is so easy to make and you almost can wing it. I don’t recommend this for serious bakers as baking is a science and if you wish to have consistency, you’ll need to measure the ingredients to an exact measurement.

-400gr of flour
-two eggs whole
-three pinches of salt
-dry yeast a nice healthy sprinkle
-Olive Oil
-honey or sugar or maple syrup (add to the water over a low heat to dissolve and cool)

Place the flour into a mixer, add the eggs, salt and yeast and you’re ready. Now add 2/3 water and 1/3 milk. Start the engine and add the liquid carefully to get the dough mixed to the right consistency. Let it rest for 5/10 minutes and then one more turn in the mixer. Then knead it and place it into a bowl and let it rise. Then after an hour or two punch it down and let out the gases for a second rise. Then shape it and let it alone until you are ready to bake.