Mandarin Oriental @ Opus One

I was invited to the “wine makers dinner” of Opus one at Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo. In short it was a superb experience, service outstanding, and all the wines were very impressive. I did learn a few things I didn’t know.

CEO David Pearson is on the ball, a leader in making Opus since 2004. I always thought Opus was over rated, and over priced, an American wine sold in almost every corner in Japan. The Japanese love it and for a good reason, it is an excellent wine.

The one issue I found interesting was, Opus is similar to Australian Penfolds, where each vintage is harvested from different plots, and each vintage has a slightly different blend.

The vintages were; 1996, 2005, 2007 and 2010.

1996: fresh, alive ripe with a well-defined structure showing normal signs of age: 96 Points
Cabernet Sauvignon 86%, Cabernet Franc 8%, Merlot 3% and Malbec 3%

2005 A flashy wine aimed at purity, fruit and balance, high yield, low heat, a dry cool year: 95 Points
Cabernet Sauvignon 88%, Merlot 5%, Petit Verdot 3%, Cabernet Franc 3% and Malbec 1%

2007: a Flashy vintage, a wine makers vintage, heat and alcohol was higher: 94 Points
Cabernet Sauvignon 79%, Merlot 8%, Cabernet Franc 6%, Petit Verdot 6% and Malbec 1%

2010: behind schedule, angular and more green, a good wine: 95 Points
Cabernet Sauvignon 84%, Cabernet Franc 5.5%, Merlot, 5.5%, Petit Verdot 4%, and Malbec 1%





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