Matsuzaka Gyu “not Wagyu”

Some people dream to go to Paris, or New York while other dream to go to Matsuzaka where the world’s greatest beef is grown. Today we hiked by train to a small village where not much is happening. If you had never heard of Kobe Beef you wouldn’t give two cents to this place.

The beef here is one of the most famous beef types within Japan and internationally, with a high fat-to-meat ratio. Within Japan, Matsusaka beef is generally considered one of the three top brands. Only female gyu are raised in Matsusaka, where they are fed plenty of fodder, and enjoy domestically produced tofu lees and ground wheat. The tofu lees is the fiber, protein, and starch left over when soy milk has been extracted from ground soaked soybeans. The cows love it!

The beef here is known as Matsuzaka Gyu and not Wagyu, as this term is too generic and is used by those amateurs in search of the fatty beef.



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