Amankora Potato Shed – video

The night comes quickly as the sunset and the air becomes brisk. This night we were invited to an intimate dinner in Amankora’s potato shed, a place where potatoes are still stored after harvest and kept throughout the winter. We had a set up inside and with blankets, we all kept warm and cozy accompanied by the Bhutanese six and a half string Dramnyen, referred to as a Dray, or known as a Lute.

Folklore says it’s six and a half strings because of the betrayal of the a young boy who played the lute for the Dakini (female spirits) and he became rich. The boy betrayed the Dakini for the Kings daughter who sent me for him to play for his daughter. The strings had been cut by the Dakini who refused to re-string the lute, but later agreed to restring it, but lowered one to indicate a breach of trust.

The night was candle lit, cuisine was Bhutanese, (menu attached) which meant cheesy and spicy for the most part. I admit, we did struggle with the Bhutanese cuisine, except when we stuck with spring vegetables. The Amankora cuisine is perhaps the best you’ll find in the Bhutan and certainly the best service.

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