Hitchhiker @ Bhutan – video

At one point we stopped our journey by a Toyota Hiace and switched over to a Hyundai 4-wheel drive. There is no doubt that moving in Bhutan is bouncy and I figured it out a little too late, but better late than never.

One day driving along I stopped at a road side market, if you can call it that. A well dressed last approached us for a ride. After picking her up, we stopped fifteen times until she became troubled to miss her connecting bus in Wangdue. She planned to meet her husband in the south and come back to her village where they would retire together and farm.

I couldn’t help stopping whenever I could to see nature. In one instance I came across this bull, he was just grazing until I crossed his nose. In Bhutan animals are not scared but are protected and respected and any form of aggression is not acceptable.


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