Kyoto Bamboo

There is plenty of bamboo for sale in Tokyo and this time from Kyoto. I couldn’t resist the single shoot, it looked so perfect. The only issues with bamboo is the cooked. While it is easy to cook, most people use rice bran, it oozes all over the stove as the bamboo cooks. The mess is horrendous and whatever you try, it ends up a mess.

So the solutions are, make a bouquet Garni type sac, I tied up the rice bran in a cheese cloth and added some chill pepper. This works and contains the mess, or the easiest way is to wash rice, and retain the milky water, add a chill pepper and the mess is much less.

I cook the bamboo for 90 minutes and let it cool, ready to be consumed, it is a delicious food, filled with nutrition and vitamins. If it looks good, it should taste good.

In order to prepare the bamboo for cooking, there are two ways, one is peel the bamboo and trim it accordingly, or leave the husks on and cook it, removing them at the last time after cooking. I use both techniques.


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