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Taktsang Monastery, also known as Tiger’s Nest Monastery, is located in Paro, Bhutan. The monastery is one of the most venerated places of pligrimage in the Himalayan region. The legend behind the Tiger’s Nest monastery is just as amazing and magical as its location of being perched precariously high on a cliff, 3000 meters above the Paro Valley.

Taktsang Monastery was built in 1692 by Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye. He is believed to be the reicarnation of Padmasambhava, legend believes that Padmasambhava, (a.k.a. Guru Rinpoche) flew to this location from Khenpajong, Tibet, on back of a tigress. Guru Rinpoche meditated for three months in the cave at Taktshang. He also subjugated the Eight Categories of Evil Spririts and converted the valley to Buddhism.

Guru Rinpoche then returned to Tibet and transmitted his teaching to his disciples. One of his disciple, Langchen Pelkyi Singye, returned to Taktshang to meditate in the year 853. He named the cave where he meditated as Pelkyi’s Cave.

Pelkyi is believed to have gone to Nepal where he later died. His body miraculously return to Taktshang Monastery under the grace of deity Dorje Legpa and is now sealed inside the chorten standing in the room on the left at the top of the entrance way.

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