Eau de Desir|Avenue Paris

It was about 18 years ago that Kuheiji Kuno came back to his family business of sake brewing only to find that it was making only sub-par sake. Kuheiji went on a search for the sake he truly wanted to make. He ultimately came across a Romanee Conti, and then realized that that was the benchmark of sake he wanted to make. Not just a good tasting sake, but also one that will appeal to the emotions of the drinker, a sake with dignity. For that reason, Kuheiji called his sake “Eau de Desir” or “water of hope” in English, in contrast to how brandy is referred to as “Eau de Vie” or “water of life”.

When was listed in few Michelin star restaurants in Paris, Guy Savoy and Pierre Gagnaire, it was the only sake to achieve such a feat. 100% rice, its floral, creamy and buttery, with peach and mango. It is compared with Cote-du-Rhone white wine such as Viognier and makes one wonder if this is really made from just rice only but no alcohol is added.

This is the first time I saw this export sake for sale in Tokyo.