Takara Tomy Beer Jug

If you miss beer foam buy the Takara Tomy Beer Jug Jokki hour foam head maker. It works by funneling beer from the bottom of your mug through a swirly straw that runs through the handle of the mug. In Japan, foam on the top of a beer is considered a vital part of the beer drinking experience and it is one click away: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSz2HjijGxk#t=15

First pour out a regular can of beer so that it doesn’t fill the whole glass. Now just press down the switch on the handle and bubbles will immediately start to form, as the glass itself works to create freshly poured Japanese jokki beer foam. Just keep on pressing the switch to generate however much froth you like in your beer. The switch is even available in two colors, yellow or black, so you can really take your beverages seriously.


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