Papaya Salad|Mortar Pestle – video

I was thinking about coleslaw, the American version which is creamy and rich. Then I was wondering why so many over eat in America and the answer is pretty simply, food portions are huge.

For some reason Americans and Canadians have become part of a food race where portions count. If you would serve smaller portions, clients would think they are getting cheated.

When I was growing up, I heard people always complaining that French food was a rip off as the portions were just too small and the high cost too high. Nouvelle cuisine was about presentation and portions were often petite.

I recall a story that a well-known chef told me in Canada; a client called the morning after his dinner and asked, ‘why did my guest get the larger portion’, and that says it all doesn’t it. When clients think size as a precondition is quality, you have no choice but to feed them what they want, or close the doors.

This salad is simple and to the point, fresh ingredients and a mortar and pestle that make it all expanding in flavour.


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