Ultimate Brodo|no Mush

How to make the ultimate soup? What is the ultimate soup? The key to making the ultimate soup is to have a base that expands flavor and vegetables that are not mushy.

I used the following ingredients; carrots, celery, fresh fava, zucchini, onion and some selected herbs. The key sweating the basic base vegetables (celery, onion and carrot) under fairly high heat, drawing out the sugars to caramelize and de-glazing which simultaneously re-deposits its own sugars back into the pot. It is this culmination of layering that builds such an amazingly rich flavor.

I use freshly cut vegetables and place them back into the Brodo, such as fava, peas, carrots and whatever you like; I cook them very slightly in the brodo maintaining a crunchy texture and never over cooking them. At the end, just before serving you can add herbs, and some finely sliced celery for texture.


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