Picaflor Farm.Chicken.California

These chickens from Picaflor farms are just amazing. They are so fresh they require a little time to go through a resting phase, or they are still a little chewy.

Picaflor farms provide an alternative to the industrialized Cornish Hens with that of the Freedom Ranger. This chicken was imported from Burgundy and Brittany regions of France in the 1960′s and was bred with an American Heritage Bird.

This project met the requirements of the French, “Label Rouge Free Range” program, a movement that grew in France, as a result of the consumer demanding high quality food for an epicurean palate, but that also respected the welfare of the animal.

Their diet consists of NON GMO feed, fresh plants, produce and insects. Antibiotics or medications are never used, and their stress level in processing is minimal, as the butcher is a shirt ten minute drive from the farm.

Source: http://pacifichealthfood.com/blog/tag/picaflor-farm/

Cooking: I brined the chicken in a salt solution, and then rendered the fat in a pot with boiling water, let the bird dry off, rubbed it with a seasoning and cooked it to a core temperature of 67°C.

It is a high quality chicken, and the skin tells the story of most chickens. This bird looks too good to be true – bravo Picaflor!

Note to self: I use a 3% salt/water ratio and you can add sage, thyme, garlic and lemon rind to brine for enhanced flavors.