1992 Screaming Eagle en Magnum

If there is any wine exemplifies the California’s wine phenomena, it’s Screaming Eagle making its debut in 1992, and I am very grateful to have this Magnum.

The Screaming Eagle Estate was founded Jean Phillips in the 1980’s and for the first few years the fruit was sold to locals. Jean made the right decision to begin with Heidi Barrett and the rest is history.

I discovered as many people do, this is a wine that is impeccable, the fruit is given the utmost care, from vineyard to bottle. Her wines were a dream come true, not a winery, or a wine that was founded to impress, it was made out of pure passion. Her vision was clear from the start to the finish and for anyone who knows her, they can attest to this.

For wine lovers who have never tasted it, I too only tasted it a handful of times. The first time was in Paris at Chez L’ami Louis ten years ago with Jean. Since then I have tried it a few times, and I am always impressed.

An amazing wine made by an amazing person who makes it all look so very easy 🙂