Poulet de Normandie|D.Toutain

Driving past Houdan today it made me think of last night’s poulet prepared by David Toutain. The cooking technique used is unusual. I know it sounds strange but I heard of this technique in Japan, which I believe originated from Pascal Barbot’s kitchen in Paris. But perhaps it was Marc Veyrat who developed this kind of technique. The idea is to cook it and rest it multiple times until it is cooked and then the skin is made crispy.

There is no better country on planet earth where you can find poultry the quality you’ll find in France. Their birds are scared and farmers proudly raise their birds with the utmost care protecting their breeds.

After many years of enjoying the Poulet de Bresse, the poulet (last night) prepared by chef David Toutain was exceptional; perfectly cooked, delicate in taste and the contrast in flavors just right.