T-Oinos 2010

This wine is fantastic, a locally made wine on the island of Tinos it is rare to find. Grown at 450m above sea level, it grows between the large moon like boulders. The wind and sea conditions add to the character of these ancient varieties, it is rich in taste, tannins are firm and the fruit is deep.

Tinos Vineyards company is located in the region of Stegasta, in the island of Tinos. The winery started operating in order to save the indigenous varieties of the island. The production is low and the largest part of it is being exported. The head oenologist of the winery is Thanos Fakorelis, graduated by Bordeaux University.

The two grapes used are Avgoustiatis and Mavrotragano both rare Greek varieties likely coming from the Ionian Islands. The use of these two grapes combined can result in deeply colored, moderate in alcohol, with good acidity and soft tannins.

(94+ Points)


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