Meaty Things @ Grill

I have a chef visiting, a young chef who owns a grill restaurant. He believes this technique heats the center of the meat by using the bone downwards. Perhaps he is right as the theory behind a BBQ is a formula.

What I believe is, you have the ability to create a “firing effect” whereby the heat rises to the top of the BBQ, and cools on the way up. A slight amount of the heat encompasses the meat by way of draft and hits the surfaces cooking both sides but certainly more at the bottom, as it is closer to the grill.

In the case (pictured below) that the meat isn’t on one side or the other and isn’t losing moisture on the top side through evaporation. But what is true is, a BBQ is about radiant heat for the most part, and the heat’s intensity has a sweet spot.

Every grill has an optimization and the critical distance from the grill is a measure 20% of the width of the grill if the sides to not reflect heat and if the grill has a reflective side then 37%.