Marc Veyrat – Part V /foods/

There is no Marc without herbs from his garden, local forests, or without his wife’s hard work in balancing his food act by taking care of the garden. But then again there is no maison des bois without the friendship of Laurent Gerra, his eco-partner in this project.

When Marc decided to re-open for a third time his longtime friend Laurent Gerra a well-respected French comedian was there to stand with him.


Marc says, “since we are supposedly the showcase of the world of food, we do what feeds people’s’ health, and what is good for our health. In Manigod, working free of pesticides and insecticides, with chickens whose eggs do not have a number on it, this is amazing”.

The menu we tasted at maison des bois was based on a collection of all his most well-known 3 star dishes and it is a gastronomic delight, that is if you can finish all 9 courses.


Here are some of the food courses:


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