Wine Glass Fills

What is more important, the shape of a glass or the level of wine poured by a waiter into the glass? The right answer they are both important and they go hand-in-hand.

Too often I encounter wine waiters, or waiters that pour wine incorrectly. For most people it isn’t a problem but for someone who appreciates wine, it matters. Each glass has a balance without and with liquid, and once a glass is over poured, the glass becomes lopsided and loses its balance.It is common to aerate wines and space is needed to do so.

If you see the glass that has the highest fill, it is a champagne glass and in part the higher fill has to do with releasing the champagne’s gasses. When you pop a Champagne cork, yeasts ferment sugars and form carbon dioxide gas. As the concentration of carbon dioxide decreases in the Champagne, the distance between bubbles suddenly changes.

Attached is a photo of glasses with appropriate fills, it is a good indication of the glass levels.