Alpine Cheese

Driving in the alps we stopped to make a quick pit stop at a small Alpine chalet where lives some cows. The flore alpine pasture atmosphere is obviously misty green pastures where bell’s jingle, cows chew grass and their cud and the farmers (three brothers) create variety of cheeses.

I tried their sérac, a soft cheese which is made from the whey which is left over after the making of cheese but it seemed crumbly and bland. The fat content varies according to the quantity of milk or cream added to the whey, nevertheless it is not a very fatty cheese.

Real connoisseurs tend to like a variety of cheese called rebibes, which is aged for three years and has a completely different taste—resembling something more like Parmesan. Mountain cheese à rebibes is a mountain cheese specialty cut into fine shavings and locally known as “rebibes”.

This medium-hard cheese provides connoisseurs with a unique range of aromas produced from un-skimmed raw cow’s milk.