If you wonder why most tarama is so delicious and why there is a sixth sense of taste. Fish roe is mixed with plenty of neutral oil, bread optional and lemon juice until it is emulsified into a creamy paste like mayonnaise.

There are two types available in Greece, white and pink. The white tarama is natural (not colored) and the pink has color added to for purely cosmetic reasons.

The most traditional versions of taramosalata need a starch base, which is usually stale and damp bread. In Northern Greece almonds are often in conjunction with bread. Some chefs add garlic and vinegar can be used in place of lemon juice.

I guess making it is a tradition and every chef has her/his own recipe and supplier of fish roe. There is no doubt that using the best roe helps, and by considering that it is a fisherman’s food, when you run out of bread, use onion, a deeper contrast in flavor.


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