Chiquillo /Bobal/ 2013

Sitting with Erik Rosdahl from Spain, a wine maker who uses no wood at all, not a single drop, in fact he uses 500 year old clay jars he buries. Erik makes grape juice from Jumilla, “mother nature”, the way wine was made in ancient times, and his wines are 100% bio-dynamic and not a drop of sulfites but they are rich as dark hell.

He says, “I pruned these vines by kicking the old ungratfed vines, a windy and rocky site at an altitude over 850m” This grape variety derives its name from the Latin “bovale”, in reference to the shape of a bull’s head.

Made entirely from 60-year-old un-grafted Bobal vines, it shows dark color and impressive density, with dark berry fruit and interesting accents of smoke and spices. Ready to drink but still capable of further development and it has the power to carry it a long way.

(95 Points)