Sharpened Knife /Mr. T./ – video

The Japanese knife is a tool that I live with daily. I sharpen my knife as often as possible, almost every few days as I rotate knives so I buy some time.

I am in my kitchen for hours on end. I am not a cook, seriously, I enjoy the idea of re-thinking a culinary passage; past, present and future. It isn’t about the action, it is about the raw materials, the idea of exploring and getting something new out of it.

There is no doubt that the kitchen is a place where you can explore and that’s what I do, I am an explorer (not a chef) but I don’t go very far. I try to question every step in a process to see how it works and if it works right. The idea of right has much to do with science but there is science and then there is culinary skill and intuition. Anyway it’s a journey and I am still on it…

This is a sushi chef (Mr. T), a friend for the past 30+ years located in central Tokyo. He has been in the same location for 35 years and I visit him early morning from time to time. Here he was showing me how he sharpens his knife. It is all about the angle and the push and pulling action.

You need to work diligently in order to obtain a sharp knife, and remember a sharp knife does what you tell it to do and you cut yourself much less. /Anthony please study/