Usuba bōchō

This is a new addition to my knife stable, a vegetable knife, a single edges blade weighing in at 250g and a bone connector and a carbon steel blade. It is ready to go to work. The Usuba bōchō is the traditional vegetable knife for the professional chefs.

Like other Japanese professional knives, usuba are chisel ground (chisel shaped) and has a bevel on the front side, and have a hollow ground urasuki on the back side. It has a tall knuckle clearance (ricasso) when chopping on a cutting board to avoid injuries.

The urasuki geometry is commonly seen on traditional Japanese knives. The difference between this and a “standard” chisel grind is the back side of the blade. The back side of one of these traditionally ground blades had a forged relief in a large hollow extending from just behind the edge to just below the spine from the ricasso to the tip of the blade. The relief cut aids in the part of sharpening by reducing the amount of material that you need to remove speeding up the process. it also aids in less friction and sticking when cutting.