Yagyunosho /Part V/ |Breakfast| – video

Any visit to a onsen or a ryokan seems like two days but really it’s less than 24 hours. You begin at 15h00 on day one, a fantastic welcome, you settle in with a green tea, and the evening is a culinary trip with one more dip into the onsen: either in your own privacy or at the public onsen.

But bear in mind, this level of onsen is not filled with cheap tourists and especially after dinner. By the time dinner is over, you are mellowed or pumped up. If you feel like a night of singing, you go to the top floor and let loose, or sink into the onsen in your own room.

The next day, a new beginning, you awaken and go directly to refresh yourself at the public onsen. The number of people you’ll encounter is likely next to none. Here is day two, a sunny day, we are outside at 07h00am under a clear blue sky.


After a soak in the onsen, a feast awaits you, onsen breakfast is traditional so caution, if you intend to live long, get ready to eat your last morsels of rice. There is no breakfast like a breakfast at Yagyunosho, the depth of taste, the variety and the quality – life is good when you leave here, at least you feel like a new person and dream of your next visit.

It’s clear that there is serious pride in ownership at Yagyunosho and it shows from the beginning to the end.