Japanese incredible! – video /soba/

Think about the “handmade” something that is diminishing around the world and especially in the industrialized nations. Of course machines are taking over as labor costs are an important factor in any commercial production.

Now think about what is handmade and you’ll realize that fewer things are being made by hand. Bread used to be handmade but fewer and fewer breads are really hand-made. In fact most luxury cakes look handmade but are mostly machine assisted and frozen for easy access to the marketplace.

In order not to go off topic, soba is an incredible food and “real soba’ is 100% handmade from the start to the finish. Just the opposite can be said about dry pasta even though I adore quality dry pasta. It is incredible, each bite I can’t help to think about the amount of work that goes into this trade. Just 100% Japanese incredible!

This movie is taken from youtube and is gives an idea of how it’s made. In the future I will post my own movie on soba as I have a friend who is a soba specialist and has published on the topic.



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