Hands Down Cheese |Mont D’or Vacherin|

The popularity of cheese is on the rise in Japan as many Japanese start to enjoy more of the gastronomic French pleasures. This is by far our favorite creamy cheese.

This is an AOP cheese, Appellation d’Origine Protegée and represents a guarantee of a high quality product obtained, manufactured and processed in its area of origin, i.e. protected.

The Mont d’Or is named after the highest mountain of the Doubs, and can be either Swiss or French. Sharing a border with Switzerland, Haut-Doubs is a mountainous region with a harsh climate, and the winters are long.

The Golden Mount Badoz is a raw milk cheese quality, refined 21 days. Making boxes is made by local craftsmen using wood of spruce of the Jura. Mont d’Or cheese remains seasonal which is manufactured from August 15 to 15 March. This limitation is due to the fact that, traditionally, the cows were brought down from the mountains to spend the winter in the stables. This naturally led to smaller production volumes. This tradition is still maintained today.

Mildew on the pine band: This is completely natural and has no effect on the taste of the cheese. It does not involve any risk for the consumer.

White fur on the surface of Vacherin: This is also a natural phenomenon which does not alter the taste of the cheese nor cause any health concerns. If you wish, you can easily remove this fur by gently wiping the surface of the cheese with a moist paper towel.

A fragment of pine on the surface of Vacherin: This sometimes happens when the cheese receives its band of pine bark or when it is put into its box. Simply remove the wood fragment with a sharp knife.