Utensils Tools “Beau & Bon”

I enjoy to walk into a chef’s kitchen and see his/her organization. There are so many tools hanging in a Japanese kitchen and sometimes I see what I am missing. Fascinated by kitchen utensils, in Japan there are new tools appearing almost weekly.

But too many of these tools are poorly constructed, made in China and many redundant, or even useless when compared to their counterpart. It isn’t too often I find a new tool that gets me excited and this is one of those!

When the President of the Kai Group, Koji Endo, met Michel Bras, it all began. Michel Bra’s products are very well thought through, well designed, ergonomic and superb. All aspects of functionality and ease of use were considered to achieve the very best in “Beau & Bon”, his beautiful and delicious.

The result is the Michel BRAS collection of knives, born from Michel and KAI’s desire to create knives that would satisfy their rigorous standards.