Binchotan Sumi – video

When working with sumi binchotan you need to exercise caution when lighting it and do not hurry the ignition of the charcoal with a high flame. I purchased a pot with a heavy grill on the bottom and heat it until they are glow red and the surface changes colors. Then I place them onto my grill. Working with sumi is complex and if you use sumi you need to pay careful attention to the distance between the cooking surface and the charcoal.

Beneath a very light coating of ash, this hardwood charcoal is radiating heat with incandescent intensity. Although the temperature of the glowing charcoal is significantly cooler than that of burning gas, it radiates heat with an intensity much greater than most gas grills.

The heat source is very intense given the surface area of the grill which is very small, and the depth of the heat source is shallow. I lined the interior of the grill with foil paper to reflect the light rays.

The heat is intense and that’s why you see Yakitori chefs turning their skewers frequently as they fan the heat keeping the charcoal red-hot. This heat is intense and delivers super consistent heat.