“Tororo-konbu” or “Oboro-konbu” is made by pickling the konbu to make it soft. Then a special kind of knife is used to shred the konbu. It is called ‘oboro’ because it expresses how it tenderly melts in the dish.

Long ago konbu was hand shredded into strips that were as thin as 0.01 millimeters. Only skilled craftsmen were able to do it. After checking if the konbu was pickled enough, one would step on the edge of the konbu with his right foot, draw up his left knee and pull the konbu to straighten it on his left knee. The craftsmen would use a knife with his right hand and shred the konbu along the fiber of the konbu and a white thin core remains. This fiber is seen in the photo on the left side and is finely shredded.


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