Testacles Yes

Perhaps one of the most important Japanese delicacies, and amongst the most expensive.

Some people would be turned off for the idea of eating a fish testis, or testicles but these testis are definitely worthwhile. Obviously there is a mental block for most who have never tried eating these types of foods.

Milt when raw is a soft roe and is slippery is believe it or not the larger, the more expensive.

When people refer to shirako most people are referring to cod milt which is a totally different looking type of genitalia. More similar to that of the appearance of a human brain, it’s usually prepared by way of steaming.

Personally I have eaten it multiple times and I have no problem with it but is a very different type of milt. When I compare them, I think of fugu shirako more of a filet mignon.

Always be sure to eat at a restaurant who has as an official license and never take any chances to eat the liver or ovaries.

A single fugu contains enough poison to kill 30 people. There is no antidote, and so there is no food regarded as more alluring in Japan.


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