Farmers Shopping |Isetan|

If you have ever shopped in America, the shopping carts are often huge, they could almost fit an elephant, and in Europe, the trend is larger and larger, with more shoppers going to buy wholesale. In Japan wholesale exists but I’ve never tried it. This shopping cart is small but so are the goods. In Japan everything is made with the intention of fitting right into your cupboard or fridge.

All manufacturers take this into consideration, or else it would be havoc. Many of the Japanese vegetables are packed in small container or in the odd larger case, the premium products come in boxes.

I had a friend here that made an obvious but very cleaver observation, he said the vegetables are all perfectly uniform, and so where are the rest. The question is: are there the rest, those others that are not perfectly matched, or is farming that precise here? The answer is mixed, of course not all vegetables are perfect but the growing system here is Japanese. It must be consistent and as perfect looking as possible so uniformity is key, and the farmer is not just a farmer growing vegetables, he is a farmer, and he is thinking!