Passé Duos Delight? |Modernist Cuisine|

After having made a visit to the modernists kitchen in Seattle, I somehow feel let down but then again I had the chance to enjoy El Bulli in the height of Adrià’s career. I had been to El Bulli when Juli was running the show and at that time it was all still novel.

Today modernist cuisine is a matter of fact, and this type of cuisine even when prepared by Nathan Myhrvold’s staff /a brilliant entrepreneur/ can’t add enough twists and turns to make it more exciting. In fact this dinner comes off looking like a Las Vegas bomb hit it.

But what I can say is, Nathan Myhrvold’s modernist cuisine are a set of brilliant craftsmanship combined with excellent research. Given this was his first attempt at writing a food bible he did an excellent job and the team of people especially Maxime is a very capable and passionate person. I truly adore the modernist cuisine set of books and have a set in my two kitchens. Luckily a friend who sent me this article, sent me Ferrans’ set of books that resemble modernist cuisine in some way.

In the end, the creator, the scientist and the observer sit together andthe end a cheeseburger is what it is –

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