Knee Control @ Wok – video

The Chinese wok is more special than you think. I used to say Chinese food “no way” too hot, too fast and mixed with plenty of MSG. But the truth is, MSG is not the problem of Chinese cuisine, and in many cases it is used to enhance the taste, but in many cases and especially these days it is avoided.

I detest MSG and I can’t say I respect Ajinomoto a well established producer of MSG. The literal translation of Aji no Moto is “Essence of Taste,” used as a trademark for the company’s original monosodium glutamate (MSG) product. They push it like a drug and if you travel in south-eastern Asia you see poor people dependent on it. /sad/

Back to the wok: it is a tremendous tools, versatile and fast action provides a very sudden force of intense heat or slow and easy. You can see in the video how it works on a professional wok, and if you know how a chef control the heat of a wok by keeping food constantly in motion, you’re that much closer to understanding Chinese cuisine.