Bio Cheese & Golden Dog – video

Driving towards Wein (Vienna) we passed Klagenfurt’s commercial zone with plenty of box shops, I felt like I was in America. Onwards to the Austrian outback but not really, we drove off the highway and through the countryside, finally reaching Famille Nuart’s cheese farm.

At a first glance the operation is straight forward but after all there is no doubt that Eva Nuart makes it all look so easy. The farm is small and the sheep are penned in a very comfortable environment and you can easily see that the animals are both friendly and comfortable, and that goes for the owners as well.

The farm is practical and is obviously innovated by Eva and her husband a handsome and young gentlemen, who adds some moral support, but is not yet working aide Eva in the business. The day is bright and the sun is shinning, it’s not a village it’s a small enclave of houses made of farmers. Their cheese is mostly sold in Austria and the business and production is still small enough that they haven’t much need to sell abroad. Filling the demands of the domestic market is their aim.


Eva is no doubt the visionary and she gets it. I can’t say that about all farmers but in her case she isn’t your typical farmer, and given she speaks fluent English, obviously she has the command of the farm even though her Dad is a sensible man in the background.

Then there is the plain yoghurt is sublime, pure richness, and no animal taste at all, it was enjoyed after a tour of the farm and cheese making. There is no question this is one of the best yoghurt I’ve tasted.


The cheeses are excellent and Eva is striving to produce more aged cheese in the style of French cheese. The products are all raw milk, no additives added, or chemicals or preservatives that are not natural. The operation speaks for itself and as eager as she is, the dairy products here are excellent.