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A few phone calls and a few emails and we are underway to visit a wine maker we admire, at least we admire his wines. There are so many stores about biological wines, natural wines and wines that are made without chemicals. These wines have a good reputation in many instances and at the same time so many people are down on these kids of wines and I understand why.

Frank meets at the local church, a usual meeting place and for a good reason because his winery is just across the street. The area is charming and mount Etna shines with snow in the background. The winery is HAACP, a standard that is mostly used in factories that produce foods, or in restaurants.


Franks makes us soak our shoes into a solution as we pass the barrier and get through the door of the winery. It isn’t very fancy but you can eat off the floors, and Frank is proud of what he does and has his ideas about what he wants to get out of his grapes. We are impressed as he is very warm hearted and enthusiastic ways. His willingness to share and let us taste through his vats, and some other experiments he is working on.


The wines are excellent, something unusual, unique and in some ways very specific to his style, which is something every wine makers wishes. There is no doubt that his wines are intense, and the whites are racy with a cutting edge that balances by the profound Etna fruit.


The red wines he produces are excellent, smooth, long rich, intense and all about Franks’s devotion to natural wine making craft. There is no doubt his estate is about his devotion and passion, a place where he deploys a strict set of cellar regulations, including zero, or a very-low use of sulfur, wild yeasts, and skin-contact with long maceration.


There is no doubt that Frank’s wines are his way of life and he and his two children and his lovely Japanese wife, ‘live what they breath’ and are both dedicated to life at Etna.

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