Flora Market Mykonos

Most people visiting Mykonos would go to a Nammos beach, or to a popular city cafe at the port side and miss thinking to see one of Mykonos newest additions, renovated Flora supermarket. But Flora Market is not just a regular supermarket and if you go there you’ll see why.

The owner and CEO Tasos Kontaratos is brilliant and has the insight to sculpt his old fashioned supermarket into one of the newest and top in Europe.


He understands that any shopping experience must be provocative and include entertainment and product, which Flora has plenty. The over sized TV’s are flashing with entertainment and the music is blasting throughout the store in order to keep the groove.


Their DJ is at Flora is the original DJ from the well established icon in Mykonos, named Caprice. A seaside establishment known all over the world. But in the meantime you can push your cart, enjoy the range of products and listen to the music or watch Madonna on TV.


If you search a Bordeaux, Burgundy or high-end champagne, you can find it there. The selection of international wines mixed with the domestic options are extraordinary.


Chapeau Tasos!