Beefer Steak Machine |BBQ|

My Beefer arrived today and thank you very much to my friend Simon who took care of it. My intial observations; I was surprised it is more light weight than I thought, but it doesn’t need to be heavier. The brand “B” is right on the front so you don’t forget the name.

The cavity is slightly larger than the heating element itself, (30cm) and the heating element is 20cm by 16cm. This is a flaw in the design. Secondly it is rather small considering a steak is often a few kilos and would touch the side walls. I expect if meat touches the sides it will not reflect properly. Most of the heat produced by a grill hits the food in radiant form as rays of light. The light is primarily infrared invisible and a hand held above the fire perceives it instantly.


When grilling a steak it is important to understand the basics given food absorbs radiant heat unevenly and this exacerbates the problem of cooking. Some parts of steaks surface will naturally dry faster and brown earlier. Because dark surfaces absorb more radiant heat than light surfaces. Those variations occur instantly depending on the intensity type and distance to the heat source. If a darkening part of the food is particularly close to an intense spot of radiant heat, that part of the food will likely burn faster. Now imagine the spices you rubbed over the steak. The all cook at different temperatures so think about when to spice your steak.


The key is understanding the optimal distance of your grill from the heat source in order to be in the sweet spot. In the particular case of the Beefer, it is so narrow that the sweet spot is within the range of the grill’s walls. But to determine the sweet spot you take the height from the heat source, and divide it by the width of the grill. This gives you the sweet spot.

If you want to know how far the sweet spots extends from the center of the grill multiple the offset by the width of the heat source, and this beings you within 10% of the sweet spot.

Steak @ 800°C:

I will test it and see how it works anxiously tonight and test the interior temperatures that are claimed to be as high as 800°C. I shall report once I get it up and running once I obtain the gas fittings.