Fishy Fish |sweaty smell|

I am not sure if you know or not, but the Tsukiji in Tokyo doesn’t have a fishy smell considering they sell much more than 1,800 tons of fish and seafood each day – so why? The water is treated sea water and isn’t loaded with chlorine therefore it doesn’t degrade the raw fish.

Surprisingly in most fish markets around the world they spray the fish to give them a fresh look but just the opposite happens and the fish rots and breakdown into a sweaty smell. I laugh to myself when I visit the best fish mongers and see the fish on ice in a pool of water – below it’s an odor pit.

You will also notice that many fish in the market are transported worldwide and are carefully packed to avoid spoiling: It’s all in the eye is it?…. /fish paralyzed/

Most fish mongers have no clue how to manage their own catch not to mention it takes very little time for the natural fats in fish to oxidize and produce unpleasant fishy aromas. Oxidation occurs as well when fish is cut and laid to rest waiting for a client to purchase a tranche.

Bottom-line is smelly fish is not enticing or something I’ll venture to eat. Remember smell often means mishandling, or worse, old fish that can cause stomach issues.