/Day #1/ Y. Roshfeld – video |Halva|

Roshfeld is a no-nonsense, no-bullshit knowledgeable chef, passionate, dedicated and hard-working chef. I picked him up at the airport and we drove to the new test kitchen of Mesubim and we started to work instantly.

The first inspiration was Halva ice cream without any cream, and thanks to A.G. Levi we had impressive halva. Roshfeld couldn’t resist to show an easy and basic recipe: halva, soya and a blender. That’s it! The taste is creamy rich and delicious after some rounds in the Pacojet.

Halva cream

Yonatan is jovial, sharp and weaponized with kitchen know-how. We spoke about food and culture, a topic I am interested in and the discussion led to Indian cuisine. The idea of building flavors over time, stewing, and gradually.

On our first day, we talked about food and culture and I discovered his passion for Indian cuisine. It made me think more about Indian food. Master chef Roshfeld explained the layering involved in cooking Indian foods, especially stews.

I was fascinated by his description, he explained the process used in developing Indian cuisine. I understand Indian foods are often based on geographical influences, deep-rooted tradition, religious practice, some degree of structural thinking.

The simple idea that the process involved include multiple “mini steps”, organized and planned to achieve and heighten flavors. The idea that cooking is based on fire and water, a chef can control taste by the notion of both time and temperature, but in Indian cuisine it is controlled by adding ingredients (step by step) and extracting flavors. Anatomically speaking, it’s about how ingredients are used and by adding them (little by little) we change and build up tastes.

It takes the skill of an experienced chef to be program their process mostly by adding and or subtracting ingredients. You can say this about many international foods, but in this case the point is clear. Indian food has it’s own level sophistication. The next day he promises to show me a few kitchen ideas.