/Day #2/ Y. Roshfeld – video |Lambs Neck |

So we entered the butcher’s shop and the master chefs eyes became bright. Madoupa is a professional local butcher and the meat counter is immaculate. Chef Roshfeld selects with a sniper’s eye and aims at the Schvantz (ox-taikl) as he cracks a big smile.



Back at Mesubim’s test kitchen we begin to work, I mean he begins to work and I begin to watch. The meat gets browned in a large pot and next the water add water for 2 hours. Then we “green it” as the chef says by adding green scallion, parsley and dill. Lemon grass Galangal, dry Lubia, spicy local sambal, 150 grams of sugar, a clove and vinegar.

The end result sublime!….Bravo Chef!!!