/Day #5/ Y. Roshfeld |Blanquette de Veau|

Back at the test kitchen of Mesubim, we start winding down after a few days of discussing recent food trends. Then we need to eat so we visit the local butcher in Mykonos. Roshfeld is definitely a meat guy, and I too adore meat so we drive to Madoupa’s (my butcher) and there you can find an excellent selection of local and imported meats. Today we order two rumps and once we are back to the kitchen Roshfeld discovers that one rump isn’t a rump, but its shank better known as Osobucco without the bone. He laughs and shows me the inner muscle and says, “that is a treasure”, and explains that the butcher almost always takes it. This is a win-win and we end up with a Blanquette de veau.


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