Lobster Cooking Technique

I am always amazed that restaurant chefs have no idea about how to prepare a lobster and often destroy them by over cooking it.

The first step in preparing lobster is to understand that you should remove the head from the tail. If you think twice about it, the reasoning is obvious. A lobster’s head cooks differently than the proteins in the tail.

But more importantly whenever you handle fish you must paralyze them. The lobsters brain is in the forefront, so you use a knife and pierce the brain.

The next step is removing the digestive gland and the digestive track because it runs through the length of the tail and is disgusting to eat, encounter or manage when you enjoy the tail.

After you cut the cranial into two parts you have access to the head’s interior and you can recover the coral (eggs) and remove those parts including the stomach. If you cook them together you have limited control over the cooking process and you either under or over cook one of the lobsters parts. The head must be cooked separately from the tail, and never boil lobster because you destroy it!

Remember a clean cut between the lobsters head will ensure safety to the removal of the eggs so they remain in tact. If you cut any other way you risk opening the lobsters egg sacs and the eggs will disperse.

Step #1: cranial split
Step #2: remove tail from the head
Step #3: remove coral and innards – set aside
Step #4: skewer the lobster to prevent them from curling