Venice Alajmo Quadri |Silvio Giavedoni|

On any given day, there are over 100,000 tourists wandering around Venice and many enjoying the serenade aboard one many gondolas. Even as the city’s foundations crumble Venice remains an enchanted place with plenty of touristic things to do.

Some consider the cafe at Quadri (on the ground floor) in San Marco’s square a tourist attraction but upstairs is Ristorante Quadri, one of the few places in the world that can boast of having the historical charm while remaining true to itself.

Located in the middle of the Piazza, Quadri is in one of the most photographed palazzi in the city. But there is no doubt that taking a photo isn’t enough if you are interested in a gastronomic experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Run by the Alajmo family from Padua – Quadri is one of Venice’s most important gastronomic Michelin shrines with a kitchen second to none. Yes there are other fantastic restaurants in Venice but few can match the setting, cuisine not to mention it is fitted by impeccable service. The sommelier is skillful suggesting some excellent wines for our lunch and the wine list has a broad spectrum of wines with a focus on Italy.

Young chef Silvio Giavedoni customizes the dishes with a sincere dedication to his clients and owners. He smiles as he gently shakes my hand, and given his modest disposition Silvio never takes credit for the kitchen’s success – he’s the first to tell you Alajmo is the genius behind Quadri.

The meal lasts almost three hours and the level is top. I’ve known Silvio for /4/ years and he never lets us down. I visit the kitchen to watch him carefully as he pays attention to detail. At the helm in Venice he serves some of the finest refined seafood from the Venice laguna.

In fact Silvio’s kitchen respects those very raw materials found in the local markets coming from the laguna but it doesn’t stop there as Alajmo handpicks the finest ingredients from all over Italy. For example, his flour is Sicilian and not Mulino del Ponte one of our favorite suppliers.

They use Mulino Primula Scollo found in Sicily’s town named Ragusa. This is a flour I wasn’t familiar with until recently. It is definitely worthwhile to investigate if you are a keen baker.


Contrada Serra Corna
97100 Ragusa – Località Ragusa
T: +39 0932 255752

There is no doubt Quadri is dedicated to serving beautifully presented natural cuisine with a genuine focus on quality. The sophistication is no doubt made possible by Silvio’s hard work and professional standards – he deserves two Michelin stars any time soon. Bravo!


Risotto with sole “milk” and caviar:

Cappuccino di laguna made with with baby Venetian shrimp, crab, mantis prawns and clams:

Cup of smoked broth with white truffle and parsley:

“Hambourguignonne” of sea snails and small lagoon shrimp:

Hand-chopped raw Piemontese beef with anchovy sauce sea urchins and white truffle:

Pasta shells with beef and mushroom ragu:

Venetian-style chicken livers with chickpea puree:

Crispy roast leg of goose potato purée, saffron and fern root sauce:

Pistachio, sour cherry and chocolate hazelnut tiramisu:

White truffle millefoglie:

The perfect lunch with the perfect cuisine, perfect wines and the perfect company:

Thank you chef!….

Piazza San Marco 121
T: +39 041 528 9299