Part VII – Raw Milk Chronicle |Blind wine|

The cheese keeps coming and coming and clients are coming in and going out, what you expect but now as the hours go on the clients are being replaced by friends. A local, a professor comes in, he’s referred to as a wine expert, as he opens his bag and pulls out a blind wine.


I wasn’t sure what to make of him, and I am sure he wasn’t sure what to make of me. I am described as a “blogger” and that’s it. I taste it and guess 2010 riesling and I am off by 5 years. It has plenty of petrol and lots of fruit character.

(94 Points)


The next friend shows up, he described as a wine maker and he in fact is a graphic designer and his sister makes wine. I open his bottle and we drink some pinot Noir with a darkish colour and plenty of toasted oak.Its typical aroma in the new world are red berries and dried plums. The pinot noir in Austria is named Blauer Spätburgunder or better known as Blauburgunder.